Meet Hannah

Hannah Moore

From both personal experience and observation of the world, I have become well-acquainted with grief. It’s this acquaintance that inspires me to create beautiful imagery.

I use pen and India ink to create delicate, detailed and vibrant illustrations that explore themes of identity, beauty, and joy. I am deeply inspired by the natural world — especially my home state of California. I hope my art invites viewers to slow-down, connect with the beauty of nature, and by extension connect with themselves, community or divinity. 

In a previous professional life I had the honor to work as an arts and entertainment journalist covering the work of other creatives. It is with great excitement that I am finally using my pen and paper to express myself in a different way! I am still passionate about arts advocacy, and enjoy freelancing when the opportunity arises. Please reach out with any inquiries on a journalistic collaboration! 

I live with my two little girls in Chico, California, where we love creating together, reading books, and exploring nearby Bidwell Park that we affectionally call “The Hundred Acre Wood.” 

You can shop my fine art prints and stickers here, or inquire about wholesale opportunities here. If you’re interested in commissioning me for custom artwork — be it for custom art for your home, a custom tattoo design, or a hand drawn logo — I’d love to chat!

Let’s be friends on social media and connect over all the beautiful things the world has to offer! I can’t wait to get to know you. 

What I have to offer:

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