Sun and Moon Art and Stickers

With so much chatter online about gorgeous new images of outer space coming from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, I was inspired to create my own space-themed art.

Sweet and simple, I wanted to create an image with both contrast and harmony. One side features a moon and night sky with stars, all in cool tones. It’s contrasted on the other side with a geometric design of a sun and rays in warm colors. I used vibrant, colorful India ink to get this gorgeous watercolor style illustration.

I utilized perhaps my favorite watercolor technique on both sides of the illustration to tie the pieces together: A sprinkle of salt on wet paint. It created some dimension in both the moon and the sun, and I think really tied the two separate parts together.

The fun really came in when I ordered this design as stickers! Now the design can be used as a single sticker or both can be used to create the full image. I love the idea of using just one side to create a sunrise sticker or a moonrise sticker. But together is all the more sweet, too!

My stickers are printed on clear vinyl, and because they’re weatherproof they are perfect for indoor or outdoor use! My stickers hold up well and retain their color, making them ideal decals for phones, laptops, water bottles, or cars. Snag stickers of this design here.

Prints of this celestial watercolor design are available in 5×7-inch and 8×10-inch, and would make the perfect wall art or decor for a space themed nursery or kids room. Shop my prints here!

My prints are gorgeous, heirloom-quality giclée prints on thick watercolor paper that look almost exactly like the real-deal. These prints are an ideal gift for the witchy, nature and galaxy lover in your life. Or maybe use this solar system print in your home as a pop of color and nod toward a cosmic obsession.

Shop prints and stickers of my sun and moon illustration: both here.

Drop me a note if you get a print or sticker. I’d love to see it out in the wild!



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