Slug Club

After videos of my kid’s banana slug obsession and banana slug Halloween costume went viral, I thought it would be fun to commemorate all the love by drawing a portion of her costume to make into stickers.

The majority of the comments on Gwen’s videos were about how cute she is — and like, duh, obviously I agree. She’s an incredible little human. So many other comments were about y’all loving seeing my best friend’s talent and generosity, or how meaningful it is to see a kid being supported in their interests. 

All your comments reminded me how important human connection is and how deeply valuable unconditional love is. We all need it and deserve it! Thanks for being a part of my community!

I’ve made this little design into a “slug club” sticker. I hope if you buy one, you’ll remember how important community is and that you’re a part of something bigger. If nothing else, me and Gwen care about you!

Connection and community matter. We all deserve to feel supported and celebrated for exactly who we are — eccentric slug obsessions and all! You can be a part of our “Slug Club.” We all belong here! Snag your sticker here!


Hannah and slug-lover Gwendolyn

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