Artwork: California dogface butterfly

Do you know this butterfly?

It’s the California dogface butterfly, and to the surprise of many, it’s California’s state insect! 

Endemic to California, this tiny fast butterfly is only found in a few select areas of the state and is considered a rare find in the wild. These high, quick fliers have an average wingspan of (a little over 1 inches) 0.86-1.22 inches! For reference, monarch butterflies average around 3-4 inches! 

All of these factors likely contribute to this butterfly’s lack of notoriety among the general public. 

The dogface butterfly is considered a “near-threatened species” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature — meaning it’s currently stable, but something to keep our eye on. We can continue to protect this species from becoming endangered by protecting its habitat — limited riparian (where land and water meet) locations where its main host plant, false indigo, grows.

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