Sticker Display Idea

I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to have an aesthetic but utilitarian sticker display for my artist vendor events, that I absolutely cannot gatekeep this information! So let me show you how I developed this concept! 

This is a TikTok video explaining my process for creating my sticker display. If it doesn’t pop up, you can watch it here.

I saw another creator who made a sticker display using business card holders screwed into a wooden board. My stickers range in sizes and shapes, and I was worried it wouldn’t have the flexibility I would need. Plus, I didn’t love the idea of being totally locked into one layout. I wanted some flexibility to move things around as my sticker collection changed.

So then I started looking at pegboards. But I wasn’t exactly sure if I’d be able to find really sleek containers for the pegboards that wouldn’t distract from my product. I went back and forth with the idea of building some sort of display from scratch — pegboard or not — but after a million internet searches, I found this rotating pegboard on Amazon that was actually a pretty generous size without being overwhelming. 

Then began the search for the acrylic containers. I found a million options, but most were like…an opaque cleanish-white and looked very utilitarian. 

I’m an artist! I want pretty, damn it! 

Thankfully, I was able to find someone selling pegboard marketing supplies and I got three different clear acrylic containers for my stickers. I’m also expanding into postcards so those will also find a home on my display! 

I loved the idea of having a display that also fit my aesthetic so I decided to use a sharpie to draw on the same flowers — In a similar style — as found on my business card. 

I didn’t really plan the drawings out. I figured if it was a backdrop, it would be okay if it was a little bit loose and imperfect. It was largely a lot of doodling. I did use a few templates — like a Starbucks water cup and a circle template — to make sure some of the flowers were consistent sizes. 

I sketched in some of the flowers with a pencil. I thought these would erase off with a pink eraser but that created a mess. I tried just wiping it off with a wet cloth and had zero success. So right when I was getting ready to accept the pencil wasn’t going to budge, I have a kneaded eraser a try and that did the trick! It did make some of the sharpie lines a little fainter. But it’s an easy enough fix to go over it one more time! 

And there you have it! 

I’ll be adding my logo on a sign on top! So, you’ll have to follow along to see the completely finished display!

To shop the same display and containers, check out my Amazon storefront here.

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