Art Work in Progress: Bay Checkerspot Butterfly

I am so excited about this piece I’m working on featuring a Bay checkerspot butterfly in a field of tidy tip flowers. These butterflies are bright, colorful little dudes endemic to the San Francisco Bay Area. That means it’s a native, only found in the Bay!

Drawing in all the dainty details of this little butterfly and daisies has been painstaking, but so worth it to raise awareness about these federally threatened species.

A “threatened species” is a plant or animal that is in “immediate danger of becoming extinct,” according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Small but mighty, these butterflies are characterized by a 2-inch wingspan and bright red, yellow and white spots in a checkerboard pattern.

Checkerspot butterflies’ habitats are declining due to land development and the use of pesticides. Butterflies are pollinators. They’re an important part of our ecosystem. If we lose them, it threatens the health of our ecosystem — which threatens our health as humans!

Keep them safe! Vote accordingly, avoid the use of harsh pesticides, and plant native plants!

I can’t wait to get some color on this piece! I hope it’s a great way to raise awareness about our need to protect nature, plus just a colorful, happy piece to bring a smile to anyone’s face! Prints of various sizes and weatherproof vinyl stickers will be available of the final design, as soon as possible!



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  1. […] petals. These flowers attract many insects, but are particularly important nectar plant for the threatened Checkerspot butterfly, according to the California Native Plant […]


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